Product Summary

The ZR39661BGCG-B3 is a highly-integrated high definition digital TV processor. The ZR39661BGCG-B3 is single IC HDTV solutions intended to meet the requirements for Digital Television receivers (Terrestrial ATSC) and the unidirectional Integrated Digital Cable Ready Markets (OpenCable). Applications are (1)OpenCable/ATSC televisions; (2)Flat Panel televisions; (3)CRT televisions; (4)TV analog to digital upgrade module.


ZR39661BGCG-B3 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Voltage on I/O Pins Relative to VSS VIN, VOUT: -0.5 ~ VDDQ +0.5 V; (2)Voltage on Input Pins Relative to VSS VIN: -1 ~ 3.6 V; (3)Voltage on VDD Supply Relative to VSS VDD: -1 ~ 3.6 V; (4)Voltage on VDDQ Supply Relative to VSS VDDQ: -1 ~ 3.6 V; (5)Operating Temperature (-4/-5/-6)TOPR: 0 ~ 70 °C; (6)Operating Temperature (-5I/-6I)TOPR: -40 ~ 85 °C; (7)Storage Temperature TSTG: -55 ~ 150 °C; (8)Soldering Temperature (10s)TSOLDER: 260 °C; (9)Power Dissipation PD: 1 W; (10)Short Circuit Output Current IOUT: 50 mA.


ZR39661BGCG-B3 features: (1)High performance CPU; (2)32-bit MIPS 32 enhanced architecture; (3)EJTAG port for debug; (4)Memory Management Unit (MMU); (5)Two UARTs; (6)Three I2C control interfaces (up to 400kb/s); (7)One SPI control interface (up to 2Mb/s); (8)IR Receive, IR Blast; (9)GuestBus interface.


ZR39661BGCG-B3 pin connection