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JFJ Electronics Co.,Ltd

JFJ Electronics found in 2002. It is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. The Management of the company has over 6 years combined experience in the electronic industry.
We are trade in inland trade and international trade that we leading supplier of hot and obsolete electronic components. Such: AD. AMD. BB. CY. MICRON. SAMSUNG TOSH.. Intersil. Altera. TI….. JFJ prides itself on being able to supply customers with product upon which customer have difficulty finding, due to allocation, long lead times or being obsolete. When factory direct can’t help, Maybe we can. JFJ is able to find these products through vast network of OEM’S and Distributors that we have been working with and cultivating for over 6 years.

For guarantee of quality:
JFJ has a very strict quality control system. All product that purchase in and sale out must be pass our QC department. JFJ dose not procure any products from strange and trustless company. Or that may have been purchased from them a few times but no any problem for quality because of our strict QC, We guarantees all product with excellent quality. However, because of due diligence, we have been able to avoid such situations that counterfeit sale out from JFJ.

Our company is growing up day by day. We help our customer to get lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components. To attain a competitive advantage, we not only offer quality electronic components at competitive prices, excellent customer service, and fast delivery, but we also offer value-added services and excess inventory solutions. We support the ongoing production requirements of our customers by providing customized solutions for each of our customers. We understand that our customers need more than a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain, so we strive to be that and more.

JFJ has enough capital reserves, Enabling us to finance any deal (usually paying in advance for the product, and then extending terms to our customers for said
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