Product Summary

The CPUs of Z0840004PSC is fourth generation enhanced microprocessor with exceptional power. It offers high system throughout and more efficient memory utilization than comparable second and third generation microprocessors. The Z0840004PSC contains 208 bits of read/write memory that are accessible to the programmer.


Z0840004PSC absolute maximum ratings: (1)voltage on Vcc with respect to Vss: -0.3 to 7V; (2)voltages on all inputs with respect to Vss: -0.3 to Vcc+0.3V; (3)operation ambient tempreture: see ordering information; (4)storage tempreture: -65℃ to 150℃.


Z0840004PSC features: (1)single 5 volt power supply; (2)NMOS version for low cost high performance solutions, CMOS version for high performance low power designd; (3)NMOS Z0840004-4MHZ, Z0840006-6.17MHZ, Z0840008-8MHZ; (4)6MHZ version can be operated at 6.144MHZ clock; (5)duplicated set of both general purpuse and flag registers; (6)two sixteen-bit index registers; (7)three modes of maskable interrupts; (8)on-chip dynamic memory refresh counter.


Z0840004PSC pin connection