Product Summary

The ZL30121GGGV2 is a low jitter system synchronizer. Applications are (1)AdvancedTCA Systems; (2)Multi-Service Edge Switches or Routers; (3)Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs); (4)Add-Drop Multiplexers (ADMs); (5)Wireless/Wireline Gateways; (6)Wireless Base Stations; (7)DSLAM / Next Gen DLC; (8)Core Routers.


ZL30121GGGV2 features: (1)Internal APLL provides standard output clock; (2)frequencies up to 622.08 MHz with jitter < 3 ps; (3)RMS suitable for GR-253-CORE OC-12 and G.813; (4)STM-16 interfaces; (5)Programmable output synthesizers generate clock frequencies from any multiple of 8 kHz up to 77.76 MHz in addition to 2 kHz; (6)Provides two DPLLs which are independently configurable through a serial software interface; (7)Provides 8 reference inputs which support clock frequencies with any multiples of 8 kHz up to 77.76 MHz in addition to 2 kHz; (8)Supports master/slave configuration for AdvancedTCATM; (9)Configurable input to output delay and output to output phase alignment; (10)Optional external feedback path provides dynamic input to output delay compensation; (11)Provides 3 sync inputs for output frame pulse alignment; (12)Generates several styles of output frame pulses with selectable pulse width, polarity and frequency; (13)Flexible input reference monitoring automatically disqualifies references based on frequency and phase irregularities; (14)Supports IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Boundary Scan.


ZL30121GGGV2 pin connection