Product Summary

The ZR36748PQC-A is Zorans Activa 150 DVD Recorder Multimedia Processor which combines high-quality, best-of-class DVD playback capability with Zorans exclusive authoring engine. The ZR36748PQC-A is specifically designed to enable easy-to-use, yet robust authoring of DVD-Video and DVD+/- VR formats for mainstream consumer audio/video products.


ZR36748PQC-A features: (1)Single-chip solution for DVD-Video/DVD-Audio/MPEG-4/DivX playback, and DVD recorder processor; (2)Powerful, integrated 135 MHz 32-bit RISC processor; (3)DVDR application and user interface is rich and intuitive; (4)Enables timeshifting and Watch and Record applications.


ZR36748PQC-A pin connection