Product Summary

The Z8021016VSC is an enhanced serial communication controller.


Z8021016VSC absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCC supply voltage range: -0.3V to +7V; (2)Voltage on all pins with respect to GND: -0.3V to VCC+0.3V; (3)Operating Ambient Temperature: See Ordering Information; (4)Storage Temperature: -65℃ to +150℃


Z8021016VSC features: (1)Input High Voltage: 2.2V to VCC+0.3V; (2)Input Low voltage: -0.3V to 0.8V; (3)VOH1 Output High Voltage: 2.4V; (4)VOH2 output High Voltage: VCC-0.8V; (5)output low voltage: 0.4V; (6)Input Leakage: ±10.0μA.


Z8021016VSC pin connection