Product Summary

The XCV200-4FG456CES is a Field Programmable Gate Array. It delivers high-performance, high-capacity programmable logic solutions. Dramatic increases in silicon efficiency result from optimizing the new architecture for place-and-route efficiency and exploiting an aggressive 5-layer-metal 0.22mm CMOS process. These advances make the XCV200-4FG456CES powerful and flexible alternatives to mask-programmed gate arrays. The XCV200-4FG456CES delivers a high-speed and high-capacity programmable logic solution that enhances design flexibility while reducing time-to-market.


XCV200-4FG456CES absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCCINT, Supply voltage relative to GND: –0.5 to 3.0 V; (2)VCCO, Supply voltage relative to GND: –0.5 to 4.0 V; (3)VREF, Input Reference Voltage: –0.5 to 3.6 V; (4)VIN, Input voltage relative to GND: Using VREF: –0.5 to 3.6 V; Internal threshold: –0.5 to 5.5 V; (5)VTS, Voltage applied to 3-state output: –0.5 to 5.5 V; (6)VCC, Longest Supply Voltage Rise Time from 1V-2.375V: 50 ms; (7)TSTG, Storage temperature (ambient): –65 to +150 ℃ ; (8)TJ, Junction temperature: Plastic Packages: +125 ℃.


XCV200-4FG456CES features: (1)Fast, high-density Field-Programmable Gate Arrays: Densities from 50k to 1M system gates; system performance up to 200 MHz; 66-MHz PCI Compliant; Hot-swappable for Compact PCI; (2)Multi-standard SelectIO interfaces: 16 high-performance interface standards; Connects directly to ZBTRAM devices; (3)Built-in clock-management circuitry: Four dedicated delay-locked loops (DLLs) for advanced clock control; Four primary low-skew global clock distribution nets, plus 24 secondary local clock nets; (4)Hierarchical memory system: LUTs configurable as 16-bit RAM, 32-bit RAM, 16-bit dual-ported RAM, or 16-bit Shift Register; Configurable synchronous dual-ported 4k-bit RAMs; fast interfaces to external high-performance RAMs.


XCV200-4FG456CES pin connection