Product Summary

The YMZ285-D is a PCM/ADPCM decoder for game machines taht simultaneously plays back eight voices. Each voice data of the YMZ285-D read from the external memory at the specified pitch is individually processed on the total level and panpot, and output in a 16-bit stereo data format. The voice data format of the YMZ285-D can be selected from 4-bit ADPC, 8-bit PCM and 16-bit PCM, according to the applications. Maximum external memory address space of 16M bytes allows a large amount of voice data usage.


YMZ285-D absolute maximum ratings: (1)power supply voltage, VDD: -0.5 to 7V; (2)input voltage, Vi: -0.5 to VDD+0.5V; (3)output voltage, Vo: -0.5 to VDD+ 0.5V; (4)operating temperature, Top: 0 to 70℃; (5)storage temperature, Tstg: -50 to 125℃.


YMZ285-D features: (1)voice data stored in external memory can be played back simultaneously for up to eight voices; (2)voice data format can be selected from 4-bit ADPCM, 8-bit PCM and 16-bit PCM. The 4-bit ADPCM format is compatible with the YMZ263B; (3)control of voice data external memory; (4)voice data playback frequency control, 4-bit ADPCM: 0.172 to 44.1kHz in 256 steps; 8-bit PCM, 16-bit PCM: 0.172 to 88.2kHz in 512 steps; (5)256 steps total level and 16 steps panpot can be set; (6)voice signal is output in stereo 16-bit 2s complenment MSB-first format; (7)YSS225 can be connected; (8)+5V single power supply, silicon gate CMOS process; (9)64-pin plastic QFP.


YMZ285-D pin connection